RootMetrics testing shows AT&T made big improvements in Cleveland, earning it top cellphone honors

Verizon scored well in call and text performance

CLEVELAND - Can you hear me now? It's a question cellphone users continue to ask despite improvements in technology and infrastructure.

RootMetrics analyzes cellphone service and reception throughout the country including Cleveland, and said its latest test results show improvement by one carrier.

RootMetrics conducted 21,225 data, call and text tests throughout Cleveland and found big changes for AT&T since its last testing. AT&T's LTE network upgrade was evident in this round of analysis. It resulted in average download speeds that were 4.4 times faster than in the previous test. The average AT&T upload speed is 6.6 times faster.

T-Mobile also saw an increase in its average download speed. Sprint and Verizon speeds were similar to the results RootMetrics found in its April testing in Cleveland.

The changes were so significant for AT&T, the carrier won the top spot in combined standings for the first time in northeast Ohio.

Verizon scored well in call and text performance. Verizon was the only carrier in Cleveland that did not record a dropped call during testing.

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