Frontier airlines charging for carry-ons

CLEVELAND - It's the time of year you're looking to book that summer vacation.  If you're planning to fly, get ready for a new charge.

Frontier Airlines reported it will be cutting its airfare prices by an average of 12 percent, but it will charge you for a larger carry-on bag.

A purse, a briefcase, a backpack will be free. You get one of those, but if you have another carry-on bag then you’ll have to throw in some extra dollars.

Frontier Airlines is based in Denver and is making the carry-on fee move as it said it's trying to transform itself into a fee-dependent airline just like Spirit Airlines or Allegiant Air.

Spirit and Allegiant are the only other U.S. carriers to charge these kinds of fees.

Frontier's fee for using the overhead bin ranges from $20 for frequent fliers who book online to $50 for those who fail to pay before getting to the gate.

Most will pay $25 if they check in online or $35 if they check in at the airport.

And remember, this extra fee is on top of the $15-$25 you're going to pay for the first checked bag on Frontier.

The good news is so far it does not look like American Airlines, Delta, Southwest or United are considering these fees.

By the way, Frontier is already charging you $2 for a soda or water on its flights - that started back in July of last year.

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