Plan your shopping on Cyber Monday to save on products and earn rewards

CLEVELAND - If you're not tired of shopping yet, you may consider shopping online on Monday. There are even ways to earn cash back on the percentage you spend.

The key to saving money on Cyber Monday is to research the products you're buying and the sites you're buying from. You can earn cash back, free shipping, and find additional savings codes.

Joe Daugirdas, also known as Joe the Coupon Guy , likes to keep tabs on Cyber Monday deals through website aggregators like Cyber Monday Central , Cyber Monday , and Dealnews .

One of the best Cyber Monday e-retailers is Amazon. Many box stores are trying to compete with the behemoth of the Web this holiday and offering to match the online prices, although there are some exclusions.

My search for savings starts with a site called Ebates . When I decide on something to buy, I check to see if the retailer participates in Ebates program. If so, I click on the link to the store from Ebates and earn cash back. The amount varies from retailer to retailer. During the holidays, there are extra promotions so you may earn more than typical.

Before I click "buy", I look for additional discount codes. You can find them on Retailmenot , CouponCabin , Naughty Codes , and Promotional Codes . To make sure I'm not missing any, I always Google the retailer and the phrase "and promotional code." I also do it for "free shipping" to find a discount code to ship.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping. The retailer is also experimenting with monthly memberships, so that may be something to consider for the holiday. The small monthly fee may be worth it to save on shipping throughout the holiday season. Just remember to cancel it.

Before you buy, make sure you check to make sure you're getting the lowest prices with a price history site like Google Product Search or Price Spider.

Daugirdas also likes to buy online with a credit card that gets you good rewards. I get double points with my credit card and use it to purchase everything. I pay it off every month so I get the maximum earnings and savings. If you're in need of a good rewards credit card, check out CreditCards or Bankrat e.

Credit cards also provide you extra savings on warranties. Many will extend your warranty for a year. Daugirdas said he saved $200 on a refrigerator repair because he bought the appliance through a credit card with good extended warranty perks.

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