Ohio makes it easy to check if you're getting the best car insurance rate

CLEVELAND - There's a new state tool that makes it easy to find out if you're paying too much for car insurance.

We used the Auto Insurance Premium Comparison from the Ohio Department of Insurance and found premium estimates in Cleveland vary by $1,500 for a married female, with good credit, aged 26-64.

The State of Ohio compiled this comparison by asking insurance companies to give them prices for men and women fitting various standards like age, credit rating, coverage and those with violations.

Consumers answer a multiple choice quiz, and then you're given a list of insurance companies and their prices for your profile.

It's an easy-to-use website to find the companies offering the cheapest premiums. It's not necesarily the price you'll pay, but it's a starting point and it's the price supplied to the state by the individual insurance company. Check out the site here: http://bit.ly/enDRBc

According to the state's premium comparisons, males estimates tend to be a few dollars more.

We found the cheapest rates in Athens and other rural and small towns.

Cincinnati's starting rates are the most expensive in the state for the parameters we checked.

"It's pretty brand new so what we're hoping to do is refine it as we go along and make things better and make it more encompassing," Ohio Department of Insurance spokesman Jarrett Dunbar explained.

If you find a carrier that gives you a good price quote, the state lists their phone number and a link directly to their website.

Most price quotes started in the mid $400 range and went into the upper $500 range.

Before choosing a carrier, you should also take a look at how many customer complaints they get. The state makes that information public as well.

Click here for State of Ohio Auto Complaint Ratio:  http://bit.ly/hMol6c
Click for a guide to auto insurance:  http://bit.ly/hoCqap

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