Manziel Mania Merchandise: Who's selling what and how you can save money on shirts and jerseys

CLEVELAND - Tons of Browns fans are so excited about the NFL draft, they couldn't wait to get their hands on Johnny Manziel jerseys, shirts and merchandise.

In fact, one fan was waiting outside the team shop an hour before the doors even opened!

We tracked down what you need to know about Manziel mania and getting your share of the excitement.

“I jumped and touched the ceiling,” said Jake Simon while standing in the Cleveland Browns team shop about drafting Manziel.  “It’s the best thing to happen to Cleveland in a while,” he added.

He right away ordered a customized Manziel jersey for the special announcement and his special day.

"It's a birthday present and I couldn't have asked for a better present,” said Simon as he held up the #2 jersey.  “I mean Johnny Manziel in Cleveland.  Let's go!  I'm really excited,” he said with a huge grin on his face.

The jersey cost him $150 at the browns team shop.  We found Manziel jerseys on the web, if you can wait, for $99.95. 

Matthew Bryce couldn't wait.  He made the trip all the way from Toronto to get his Browns gear and Manziel jersey.  "It's going to get shipped back to Toronto.  I'm going to get it stitched up.  I can't wait to bust it out come fall,” Bryce told us.

"To have Johnny land in Cleveland… it's extremely exciting," said Tony Madalone who runs Fresh Brewed Tees.  That’s a Cleveland-based operation that has officially licensed NFL t-shirts.  He showed us what he just printed up in honor of Johnny Football coming to the Browns.  It's $25.99 through their website. 

Madalone has had a busy 24 hours.  "It's been non-stop. Friends that are players and fans…I've got texts.  My phone almost died last night.  (My phone) was blowing up," said Madalone.

Now, if you want to save money, do what WEWS Good Morning Cleveland Director Dave Calhoun did with an old Tim Couch jersey.  Couch was also wore number 2 just like Johnny Manziel.  "I looked in the closet and I saw this,” said Calhoun pointing to his jersey.  “So, I improvised and said hey, that'll work.  There's a new number 2 in town and it's Johnny Football,” Calhoun told us.

And after investing in Manziel mania, Browns fans like Simon had a message for Johnny Football.  "Bring us a ring, please.  Bring Cleveland a Super Bowl ring.  Let's go," Simon told us.

And it's not just t-shirts and jerseys that's good news for the Browns.  We talked with the Chief Revenue Officer today and he said the Browns sold 1,000 season tickets between the time Manziel was drafted until midnight.

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