Locals offer their own guide to Cleveland for Browns new QB Johnny Manziel

CLEVELAND - There are lots of excitement for the Browns new quarterback Johnny Manziel.  He is the talk of the town with so many people having so much to say to the latest hope for the Browns.

"Welcome to Cleveland, Johnny,” said some children standing outside of First Energy Stadium.

"Johnny Football, baby. Super Bowl,” yelled one man running with a group of people that passed in front of the Browns Team Shop.

We caught up with a guy playing what he calls a special tune for Manziel on his violin near Public Square.

Everywhere we went, Johnny Football was getting suggestions as to what he should definitely check out in Cleveland.  From beautiful parks, to the award-winning transit system and the arts they were all suggestions for the newest quarterback.

“Of course, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, and for a little culture let's go see the art museum up at University Circle,” said Clevelander Craig Cobb.

There were many suggestions about hitting fantastic places to eat. 

“I would definitely suggest the Ohio City, the Tremont restaurants, great establishments, great chefs,” said Mayfield Heights resident Dominic Rapposelli.

We even found a food truck outside city hall. It's called the Manna Truck.  We suggested changing the name to the Manna-ziel Truck, but the guys running it didn’t think that was a good idea.  They did entertain a possible menu item named after Manziel. 

“Maybe. If he man's up and we'll put something on there for him,” joked one of the cooks.

There's already a Johnny's Restaurant on West 6th just waiting for him. They like making a Southern-inspired idea for the kid from Texas A&M. 

"We should have a beautiful burger with some barbeque sauce on it,” said Johnny’s restaurant manager Leah Santosuosso. “And maybe like a little picture of his face on the bun. We could work it out."

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