Joe the Coupon Guy shows you sites to save on travel from flights to food

CLEVELAND - Travel season is underway. Even if you've already made your plans there are ways to save. Joe the Coupon Guy shares his favorite websites.

For flights, Joe likes Kayak . It's an aggregator of airfares. While Southwest and Air Tran are technically under the same ownership, Southwest does not appear in the aggregation results whereas Air Tran does. So, you have to search Southwest separately for their deals.

You can also try Priceline . I've Pricelined a few flights, but don't do it very often. Read the fine print so you know the worst case scenario for flight times and layovers. It's been several years since I booked a flight, but I tended to have longer layovers. However, the savings can be substantial especially now that flights are so high

I have noticed flights dropping in recent weeks about $50-100 on some routes, so keep checking and be patient. Most travel experts say you should book your flight at least six weeks in advance. Look at alternative airports to save even more like Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Columbus.

I do like Priceline for hotels and rental cars. Bid low. You might be surprised how cheap you can get a deal.

Joe the Coupon Guy likes One-Way for rental car deals. He recently booked a deal for his 1600 mile vacation. He also looked at gas prices before he hit the road noting the stops that would save him the most money. Joe said the difference is often 40-cents and that can add up when you're putting a lot of miles on the car. Gasbuddy will show you the prices for gas along your route.

A little extra homework before you leave home can save you money.

Joe even looks up food deals before he leaves. He checks Trip Advisor for restaurant reviews, and then buys vouchers at . There are often promotional deals that will get you voucher for even cheaper. I've even paid $2 for a $25 voucher with a code. Joe the Coupon Guy posts the deals on his site, so keep an eye out for savings. He also likes iDine , another way to save on food.

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