Joe the Coupon Guy shows you how to save on Halloween costumes, candy, and haunted houses

CLEVELAND - When the weather gets crisp and the leaves start to change colors, two things come to mind -- Halloween and a pumpkin spice lattes. This Saturday we're showing you a money saving way to celebrate these fall favorites.

Joe Daugirdas, aka Joe the Coupon Guy found lots of deals to save on trick or treat costumes, candy, and haunted houses. Daugirdas likes to get his candy at the drug store and uses the rewards programs and coupons to knock the price down to $1.50.

The Party Station offers 75% off Halloween items; Joann Fabrics has 50% off holiday inspirations, costumes, and supplies; Toys R US is offering 30% off Halloween favorites. If you want to buy online, Costume Discounters offers the best deals guaranteed.

If you're inspired, make your own costume with items found at a thrift store. Unique Thrift Store even has coupons throughout the month of October with up to 50% off savings and $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. Check the store for details and dates for their sales.

Daily deal sites are a good place to find discounts to haunted activities like ghost walks and haunted houses.

There were also discounts in the October 5 th Plain Dealer and in the Friday Magazine. The offers were for $1 off admission at Bloodview, and Rockin R Ranch Pumpkin Fest. Scene Magazine also has coupons including $3 ones for Spooky Ranch in Columbia Station and Hauntville in Midway Mall. You can find a coupon for $2 for Zombie Paintball in Brunswick, and $5 off for Cornstalkers in Hinckley.

Also, look on Facebook. 7 Floors of Hell offers a coupon on their social media page.

Michael's is offering 50% off adult masks,  headbands, and pet costumes. If your item is not on sale, grab the 50% off coupon in the circular. It's valid on regular priced items.

Pumpkin spice latte savings
If you're addicted to pumpkin spice latte's, there is a cheap way to treat yourself to this fall favorite at home. No need to pay $4 and no need for an Espresso or steamer machine. Sarah Walko is a senior at the Polaris Career Center Baking & Pastry Arts Program , and showed us a quick and easy recipe to make your own latte at home.

She used the following ingredients:

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 teaspoon brown sugar

¼ teaspoon pumpkin spice (to make your own use equal parts cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg)

1.5 tablespoon pumpkin puree unsweetened

¾ cup milk

Whisky all the ingredients together and microwave them until the milk is frothy and bubbling. Don't boil it, though. Then pour in the coffee and mix everything together. Now, you're ready to enjoy it.

Fitness savings
If you eat too much candy and drink too many latte's, you can work off those extra calories at the YMCA.

Admission to the Lake County YMCA is free from October 15 th through 19 th.

Six locations of the Cleveland YMCA are offering free five day passes.

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