Joe the Coupon Guy earns freebies from looking at his receipt

CLEVELAND - If you're looking for some freebies this holiday season, look no further than all those receipts from gifts you purchased. Often at the bottom of the receipt, there is a coupon toward a future purchase.

Joe Daugirdas also known as Joe the Coupon Guy said some of the offers are better than others. Sometimes there are coupons with no strings attached. Other times you have to fill out a survey.

Daugirdas recently redeemed one from T.G.I. Friday's for a free appetizer. OfficeMax also offers $5 off a $25 purchase.

If you only get entered into a contest for taking the survey, you might want to think twice about spending your time for a chance to win. A 5 On Your Side Consumer Investigation found it's hard to win those prizes. Some consumers told us they entered dozens of times and never won.

Tis the season for price guarantees. Many stores are offering them through the holiday season, with Best Buy even matching some online prices. Once the holidays are over, you can continue price matching. Many stores offer the deal year round. Check your local retailer for more details.

If you are returning items this holiday, most stores give you until the end of January to return the item. Make sure you check with each store as policies vary. The best advice is to ask for a receipt from the gift giver. That ensures you get all the money spent on the item.

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