Joe the Coupon Guy breaks down January savings and the new Target price match policy

CLEVELAND - Sales get a lot of attention in November and December, but there are plenty of sales in January as well. Joe Daugirdas, also known as Joe the Coupon Guy , said look, for savings on air conditioners, bedding, bikes, canned tomatoes, diet food, fast food, fitness equipment, furniture, motorcycles, oatmeal, soda, sheets, storage items, towels, TVs, vitamins, and wedding items.

He likes the savings on Lean Cuisine diet foods at Target. Look for coupons on the manufacturer's site. Target is giving a gift card valued at $5 if you buy a certain amount of the frozen diet food.

Also, this week Target announced it's making the store's holiday price match policy permanent. The store matches some online retail prices. Retailers are battling showrooming where consumers go into the store to see a product, but then buy it online for a cheaper price. The items must be identical including the color and size.


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