Ways to save when going to Cleveland Indians baseball games, including bringing your own food

CLEVELAND - Indians baseball pitcher, Chris Perez , made headlines this weekend when he said it's embarrassing the first place Indians are in last place for attendance. He's now giving away tickets on Twitter . Fans are speaking out, too, about the price to watch a game. So, is the economy to blame for poor attendance? We found ways you can win by saving at the ballpark.

"We think attendance has to do with the early season weather," said Bob DiBiasio, Indians Senior Vice President of Public Affairs.

The Indians are throwing softballs when it comes to the numbers, but fans are throwing hardballs.

Tribe fan Mark Vivacqua said, "The ticket price to get in was fine, but it's very expensive to get a beer. It was $19 for two beers. That's a lot of dough."

"I'm retired and on a fixed income," fan Pat Corrigan said.

Beer prices have fans bubbling over.

"I'm only going to have one," Corrigan said.

Bottled water and soda are pricey too, but there's an easy way to pay three times less. Just walk across the street. You can trade $3.75 for a $1.

"If the prices are a little too high for you, you have the opportunity to bring in your own food," DiBiasio explained.

"I did not know that," fan Jamie Burke said.

Most fans we spoke with had no idea food is allowed. That goes for anything you want to eat. Buy it outside, and bring it inside.

Robert Adamczyk said, "We actually brought food with us and ate it in the car before the game."

As long as the bag of food fits under your seat and it's in a soft bag or cooler, it's fair game.

"It's important to be an educated consumer and that includes Indians baseball," DiBiasio said.

The Indians don't have coupons like some of the Minor League teams, but they list their deals every Monday . The best deal -- bring your own food.

While the prices are cheaper in the Minor Leagues, their attendance is also down. Akron has a winning average, and Lake County is just below 500. Both teams have seen a double digit decrease in fans compared to last year's averages.

What do you think of the numbers?

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