How to throw a killer garage sale

On Your Side advice to make the most money

CLEVELAND - Summer is always a good time to clear out your house and make some money in the process.  Garage sales are constantly popping up, but how can you make your sale stands out so you can pocket the most cash?

"We organize by electronics.  We organize by housewares. We organize by toys,” said Gretchen Shannon from North Ridgeville, as she was standing in her garage.  She has been participating in her neighborhood garage sales for years now.  "There are more champagne glasses. We have a bread maker," she continued while pointing out the merchandise.

Shannon tried to make the most out of her space - which is one of the tips Money Talks News gives for having a killer garage sale. You’ll want to clear out the garage and set up tables with room to walk.  If you display things outside of the garage Shannon made a suggestion.  “You need to make sure you can pull everything in if it does rain because you don't want your stuff to get wet. No one's going to buy it if it gets wet," she added.

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Shoppers like Carla Yates and Kayla Smith told us they'll stop the car when they see a clean and nicely laid out sale. Plus, it saves time when groups of homes get in on the act. "You can drive down the street and there's multiple different ones you can stop at as opposed to driving 10 miles looking for one," explained Smith.

Shannon said that's a key to generating more cash. "It is nice that our development does it together, so it draws all the people in,” Shannon told us. “So, that's why I think we make the most with everyone coming in the development," Shannon added.

Another important tip is to make sure everything has a price tag on it. Most shoppers prefer at least a starting-off point. "I'm probably more like it if it's labeled,” said shopper Dawn Skvor from Oberlin.  “It's easier to figure out what I'm going to get and what not," added Skvor.

To help customers get what they want, have plenty of bags on hand. "You give them bags so they can carry it because everyone is walking through the development going to other houses," said Shannon.

Another way to score with customers, on hot days sell cold drinks, especially after the buyers have been walking around all day. Throw in some snacks as well because you'll do great especially around lunchtime. "I do like when they sell hot dogs and pop and you can have a little lunch, too. That's nice," said Yates.

Rachelle Chireallo has also been doing that neighborhood's garage sales for years. "Make things visible. Put things out in the driveway. And advertise, advertise, advertise,” she suggested.  Advertising on the street, newspapers, the web and social media will definitely help you keep the money moving. It helped Shannon. “Wednesday we made like $300 which is pretty good,” she said with a smile.

Money Talks News also suggested that you don't be a stalker when customers come to your sale. People will be more comfortable if you let them roam freely. Just say a nice "hello" and let them know you're available to answer any questions.

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