How to care for your lawn and save money

CLEVELAND - It is spring and time to start getting your lawn in shape. Should you take on the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you?

"Hello,” said little Elijah Frintt. We saw him during a trip to the Steelyard Commons Home Depot with his brother Gabriel and mom Maghen. They're looking to save money as they search for green thumb supplies.

"We're happy that we get to go out soon,” said Maghen.

We found out local professional lawn care businesses charge anywhere from $50-$135 or more per application for treating under an acre of lawn. From now to October, that's about $300 to nearly $900.

Rico Webster has been running Top Designer Landscaping  in Cleveland for about 10 years now. He loves helping people who don't want to or who don't have the time to get to their lawns and landscaping. But, if you want to do it yourself, there’s some good news: “Sometimes you can save a ton,” said Webster.

He showed us the products he uses like crabgrass preventer and weed and feed. They're the same products you can pick up at the stores. We saw prices from $15-$50 dollars depending on size at Home Depot. 

Rico put down some crabgrass preventer while we were there. "It doesn't take much. I still have some in the spreader. So, I'll just use the rest of that in the back yard,” said Webster. He also said you might be surprised to see just how long the bags can fulfill your lawn care needs over time."You can use this (bag) 3 times lasts. This is a $15 bag,” Webster showed us.

Webster said what will also save you some money is raking up the dead grass first before you lay down your applications. "If you put it down on top of (the dead grass), it will just sit there. The fertilizer won't work properly. It won't get rid of the weeds. And it will burn the grass over the year,” he explained.

The Frintts don't want to burn their money. They want their greens to bounce back from winter. "It's going to be ok,” said Maghen. “They're not happy right now, but they'll be happy in a couple of weeks," she said with a smile.

Some more On Your Side Advice: Webster said any leftover weed and feed or preventer you don't use this year, wrap it up and keep it dry. You can use it next year and not spend as much.

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