WEB EXTRA: Here's how to save money on your last-minute Easter shopping

CLEVELAND - With less than a week to go, it's crunch time for Easter shopping. Americans are expected to spend $2.26 billion on Easter candy alone this year. That's a lot of Peeps.

But NewsChannel5 is On Your Side so you don't have to put all your Easter savings in one basket.


"A little bit scared, nervous,” said 13 year-old Brian Wells from Columbia Station.

We caught up with him as he was shopping with his mom Cathy at JCPenney. He needs to find something to wear for Easter.

Cathy knows she needs to stay on a budget. "It's very important. I have three boys and they're all teenagers. And it's a little rough," said Cathy.

This week JCPenney is offering 40 percent off, even 50 percent off dresses and nice clothes for boys. There are women's sales, men's sales, and even clearance areas for a $1.99 or less.

And don't forget about signing up for a credit card with points and rewards. "I personally think that's probably the best way the customer can save with us,” said Store Leader Duane Kansy. “If they open up the account, they automatically get 20 percent off most purchases in the store and it's good for three full days,” he explained.

We found Sears offering 50 percent off clothes, plus additional money off with a coupon.


Savings expert Joe Daugirdas, aka Joe The Coupon Guy , likes what he sees this week. "There's some new coupons I've found in this week's ads that I haven't seen before,” Daugirdas said.

He pointed out a “Spend $50, get $10” coupon from Target for groceries. He also likes Macy's and JCPenney offering “Spend $25, get $10” coupons.

"In essence, if you buy something that is $25, that's 40 percent off on top of everything else that might be on sale. So, it's a real good coupon to have,” Daugirdas told us.

There are print coupons for 50 percent off at JoAnne Fabrics, a dollar off any two Mars chocolate candy, from FamilyDollar.com get a “Buy $15, get $3” or go to coupons.com for $2 to $3 off candy.

You can text the word SWEETS to Target and you'll have a dollar off coupon on two bags of chocolate Easter candy right on your phone. "They're trying to get you to use your smartphone, electronic devices, print your own,” said Daugirdas. “So, there's a lot more coupons available that way,” he added.

He also told us the 99-cent eggs deal from Target and Walgreens is a good buy, 99-cent per pound ham at Aldi is worth it, and it's worth your time to allow Giant Eagle to price-match your food.

Brian said it was worth his trip to JCPenney to save some money. "It's pretty good. Better than some of the stores...most of the stores, I should say,” said Brian.

And remember, places like Dave's Supermarket and Giant Eagle do double coupons when the coupons are 99 cents or less.

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