Granicrete countertops give you the look of granite without the high cost

CLEVELAND - It's one of the hottest trends in the home improvement industry. Granicrete is a coating that goes directly on top of your existing counters. It gives you the look of granite countertops without the cost.

It's made of "four layers of our cement. Stain it to look like whatever. Then our protective clear coat, which is food-safe, stain-proof, wine-proof, bacteria-proof. It's pretty much indestructible," John Reindle said.

He brought the product to northeast Ohio after his wife saw it on HGTV.

"After we did my kitchen, everybody wanted it that we knew. I decided to do a home and garden show and then it took off like crazy," Reindle explained.

Jaime Lutes desperately wanted granite countertops, but didn't want to pay the $4,000 price tag. She paid about half as much for Granicrete.

"Oh, I love them. I think they look very nice. They came out exactly like I wanted them to. They're very easy to clean and take care of," Lutes said.    

You can hire an installer or do it yourself. With a $500 investment, you learn the tricks of the trade at a five hour class. Scott Sidoti took the class and now the technology director is installing Granicrete as a second job.

He said it's earned him and his customers extra cash.

"I've had people get it valued at the same as granite, because when the inspector comes in, they can't tell the difference."

Granicrete offers more possibilities than just countertops. You can resurface your floors to give them a marble look, cover driveways and redo your patio and porches.

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