Electronics Guide: Newest digital camera technology makes it easy to share photos without cellphone

CLEVELAND - This is the time of year when everybody is snapping pictures to remember the holidays. So, with that in mind, we are continuing our 5 On Your Side Electronics Guide with the latest, greatest and best in cameras.

We all walk around with cellphones that can take pictures but what if we're wanting a little more out of our photos? That’s where new features putting a spin on traditional pictures come in.

Sandi Hangaur was checking out cameras at the Best Buy in Brooklyn. 

"I'm just looking for a point-and-shoot. One just to get some good quality pictures for fast shooting,” said Hangaur, who was standing all around cameras set up in the store.

There are plenty to choose from with new pixel quality, special zooms, and more.

"Cool things that you can look out for this holiday season would be like Wi-Fi enabled cameras,” said Bryan Szwec, who is a sales representative at Best Buy. “So, (they are) things that would be able to connect to the Internet…things that maintain GPS locations,” he added.

We found a $90 Samsung camera at HHGregg that has Internet ability plus remote access for picture taking.

"Now once you're connected, your phone can actually be your shutter control,” said HHGregg Electronics Manager Chris Brynner. “Which means that you can leave the camera here like this,” he showed us with the camera at his side.  “I can back up with my family. I can look into the phone and see exactly how we're standing, and once I'm ready to take the photo I just hit one button and it captures the photo,” said Brynner.

Pictures can be uploaded directly from the camera to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Same goes for a Samsung Galaxy camera we found in the AT&T store at Legacy Village. It looks like a cellphone, but it's a camera with 10 times zoom. And with an AT&T plan you can connect anywhere there's cell service to send your quality pictures wherever you want.  It's usually $529 but with the plan it's $199.

"People love cameras, love taking pictures. So, (it’s an) opportunity to have the best of both worlds," said Chad McFadden, who’s the AT&T Area Retail Sales Manager for Cleveland.

If you're looking to take more professional looking shots, Consumer Reports says the Canon E0S Rebel SL1 is the best, smallest of the SLRs out there. It's normally $750 but we found one at Best Buy on sale for $699.  

Hangaur is going in a simpler direction that will still capture every great moment of the holiday.

"It's the kids, the grandkids, and seeing their faces light up when they open their gifts,” said Hangaur with a smile.

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