Easy ways to keep tabs on daily deal sites so you don't have to check every website

Weekly Web Deal

CLEVELAND - It seems every day there is a new daily deal site. Keeping track of them can get overwhelming. So, we're showing you an easy way to keep tabs on all these offers so you don't miss out.

Consumers spent $873 million in 2010 just on daily deal sites, according to local media company advisor BIA Kelsey . The sites are expected to continue their upward growth.

As a stay-at-home mom to two children, Cindy Orley said she wants to spend less money and spend more time with her family. She keeps tabs on money-saving sites to keep her budget in tact and the budgets of all her readers on the blog, " Akron Ohio Moms ."

"If it's a good deal you're not spending a lot of time finding it," Orley said.

Many consumers find their deals waiting for them every morning in their inbox, but instead of sorting through email and websites, let someone else do the sorting for you.

"Deal Map is a really neat website because it gives you an option of a list view like a traditional aggregator but also a visual," Orley explained.

The Deal Map finds the deals that are on sale in your city. Icons tell you what kind of deal is offered whether it's for a restaurant, health and beauty services, shopping, events or hotels. Click on the symbol and you're linked to the deal.

"I can see what those deals are instead of going to a gazillion websites. It does save a lot of time," Orley said.

Another aggregator is Buy Group Groupons . It shows you all the deals in Cleveland each day and a brief description about each one.

You need to shop around because every aggregator pulls from different websites.

Or create your own aggregator -- Orley made one that pulls deals from all her favorite sites.

"On one page I can see my hot deals, my slick deals, and all the different ones i've been using for years," Orley said.

To create a customized page, look for the orange RSS tab on the site you like. On " 1 Sale A Day ," the RSS feed is right at the top of the page. Sometimes they are more difficult to find, or the site may not offer one. That's the limitation of creating your own RSS feed.

Once you find the RSS feature, click on the button, copy the address for the feed that pops up and add it to Netvibes , Google Reader , or whatever feed service you use.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you'll group all your favorite deals in one spot.

"It just makes it easy," Orley said.

Weekly Web Deal

To keep saving you money, we're going to feature a weekly web deal every Friday at 5:45 during Live On Five. This week, we're featuring " DealGator ."

The site is an aggregator, which means it does all the searching for you and brings all the deals to you in one email. So you don't need to spend time searching individual sites.

DealGator picks the deals that suit your habits and preferences. If you're looking for a deal to a restaurant or spot, you'll get it. If that doesn't interest you, DealGator won't deliver those deals to you.

The site also allows you to filter your deals by keyword. If you're looking for a deal to a specific business, you can enter that as a keyword to be sure you get that offer.

You can get the deals delivered in an email, check them on DealGator, or in Twitter.

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