Dishwasher lawsuit makes its way through courts as consumers continue to complain

CLEVELAND - Whirlpool recently responded to allegations in a lawsuit over issues with dishwashers after a three-month investigation by NewsChannel5.

The investigation into dishwasher fires and smoke damage took us across the country. While the government is not pointing fingers at a specific brand, consumers are voicing their complaints. Some consumers filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool, and the company recently responded to the allegations.

Whirlpool filed a motion to partially dismiss portions of the case. The two parties are in talks to narrow down the issues.

Whirlpool previously said its dishwashers are built with a component that turns off power in the unlikely event a control board overheats.

Investigation continues

Our investigation continues as we're pushing the government to release more data. We found the Consumer Product Safety Commission received 1,600 reported problems with dishwashers over the last five years.

In 80 percent of the cases, consumers reported a fire. We don't know the brand of dishwashers because that information is not shared with the public unless you ask to see it. We've been waiting for the information since December.

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