Damage caused by the city of Cleveland has woman calling the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center

CLEVELAND - Can you imagine the people who are supposed to protect you end up causing damage to your home?

Well, that's the claim of a woman who contacted us about a longtime problem that's had her a bit concerned about whether or not she is safe in her own home.

"I didn't know what to think. When I got in, I said 'this doesn't make any sense'," said 73 year-old Carolyn from Cleveland's east side.  She came home from a trip only to find her screen door was damaged.  Her front door was wide open. So, she called police.

"They said the fire department made a forced entry.  Why?" she asked at the time.

Carolyn spent some time in Florida and her neighbor hadn't seen her in a while, so he called the fire department to check on her.

Carolyn says that's when they damaged her screen door bending the metal and tearing off the handle then breaking her front door and frame.

"When I opened the door I could stick my hand through here,” said Carolyn as she put her hand into the broken door frame.

Carolyn told us she's been dealing with this door damage since August of 2012. She said she filed claims with the city to fix it but had not gotten anywhere with a repair.

She has to use a bar to secure the door when she's inside.  The dead bolt is dead.  It has no frame to hold onto.  And when she leaves her home, she uses a glove to keep the door closed.

We made a call to the city.  Daniel Ball with the Cleveland Mayor’s Office told me the claims committee will review Carolyn's issue, but in the meantime he has sent someone from the department of aging to assess the damage and see what can be done to get Carolyn's door secured.

It's a day Carolyn said she's been praying for.  "I said, ‘Father, if you answer a prayer please let Mr. Walsh come and help me.’"

A late phone call in the day revealed that her front door was getting fixed at that moment Thursday afternoon.  We'll continue to follow the situation with the repair.

On Your Side advice: If you've had damage to your property by a Cleveland city department.  You can file a moral claim through by calling 216.664.2900 or here’s a link for an on-line submission.

Just remember, there's a 90-day window to review the complaint and respond.

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