Creative ways to save on Halloween costumes

CLEVELAND - The price of Halloween costumes can be downright scary sometimes, but they don't have to be.

We went searching for those quick and simple costumes that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Create your own for just a few bucks.

"Undecided yet," said Melissa Davy when we asked what she was looking for. We found her at the Unique Thrift store in Willowick to find some screaming good deals and show how you can put a costume together on a skeleton budget.

"No sense in spending all kinds of money," said Davy.

She is so right! For $5 minus 25 percent because of the purple tag, you and a friend can get a couple of sheets and go as ghosts or a fried egg. For the egg, just cut a hole in the sheet, add yellow face paint, and a yellow hood or hat.

Speaking of hats, at 99 cents to $2, the prices are anything but spooky. And as we found out, there's no shortage of headgear to get the creative juices flowing.

How about a red hat to help your "Where's Waldo" outfit? For $5 with the striped shirt, then throw in some cheap glasses and you're there. 

If you need assistance finding some of your creepy creations, the employees are definitely into it as they work while in their own costumes.

"We have costume consultants here in the store," explained Michael Niziolek who's the store manager. "We go around and help people find the costumes that they're looking for," he added.

The accessories at the store are endless and even the decorations don't come with a price that will creep you out.

Another easy idea is pick up a cape in the material aisle. Some are just 99 cents.

"It's good helping people," said Niziolek. "(We try) to find that perfect costume and light up their day and they want to be the best one at their costume party," he added.

The best advice is not to wait to get your frightening fashion, but if you don't have time right now, at last minute you can just pick up a solid colored T-shirt, add some matching sweatpants, then paint a big "M" on the shirt.  You can be an M&M for about $5.

So many ideas, so little time, but Melissa is now armed with tricks to make sure her spending is a treat.

"Save money, have a good time, safe Halloween…oh yeah!" she told us.

Another money saving idea, take a roll of paper towels and wrap yourself up. You could be a mummy.

Also, on Mondays, at the Unique Thrift store in Willowick has stuff 50 percent off.

Happy Halloween and happy saving!

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