Consumer Alert: What not to buy at garage sales

CLEVELAND - Summer is the season for garage sales and a time to find great deals on someone else's stuff.  However, there are things you should avoid according to Reader's Digest.

  • Stay clear of bicycle helmets, child car seats, or tires.  You don't know what accidents or damage those items have encountered so it's better to not take a chance.
  • Stay away from beds.  There are way too many cases of bed bugs out there.
  • Avoid cribs because the recall list seems to grow by the day.  You don't want to be left with an unsafe bedding area for your precious little ones.
  • Hats are usually dirty and rarely ever washed.  You don't want to pick up what someone has left behind.  Similarly, don't buy bathing suits at garage sales.  That's kind of like buying used underwear.
  • A couple of electronics to pass by include laptop computers and plasma TVs.  Unless they are being given away, usually laptops have been dropped or banged up.  And with the plasma TVs, it could be more expensive to fix than to just buy a new one.

Stay tuned to NewsChannel5 for On Your Side Advice on how to throw a killer garage sale and get rid of that old stuff while putting money in your pocket.  It's definitely valuable advice and it's the season to take advantage of cleaning up your home. 


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