Carpet problems had a Brecksville woman calling the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center for help

BRECKSVILLE, OH - A woman from Brecksville was just beside herself after she said she kept getting the cold shoulder from Lowe's about carpet installation. She contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center for help after two months went by and no customer satisfaction.

Joni Robinson moved into her Brecksville condo four years ago and had brand new carpet installed by Lowe's. She was happy with the carpet when it was done initially.  “I loved the carpet and had no problems at that point," Robinson told us.

Fast forward about a year and a half, Robinson said she started noticing big wrinkles in the carpet. She called Lowe's and they came out to fix the problems.  She told us she did some research and realized that the installers didn't use a power stretcher during the initial installation.  "I kind of thought that was where (the wrinkles were) coming from, but thought that maybe it was a one-time deal and we would be over and done with," said Robinson.

But after that first stretching, about a year-and-a-half later more problems show up with the carpet and more stretching needed to be done.

Robinson said she called Lowe's over and over and got no response. She finally got a call saying she would have to pay for someone to come out and fix it.  At her wits end she contacted us. We then called Lowe's corporate headquarters about the carpet.  Then Robinson's phone rang.

"Three phone calls of ‘We're so sorry.  We stand behind our product. We know there was a problem and you are 100% correct’," said Robinson.

Now an installer is set to come out to Robinson’s condo.

"I want to say thank you,” said Robinson.  “Thank you very much for stepping in and making them listen to the fact that there was a problem. And that they need to come out and take care of it,” she added.

Lowe's was quick to respond to Robinson's problem after we got involved and they tell us they will address the carpet issues.

On your side advice: When you deal with a big box store, ask who the installer will be and that way you can do your own research about the contractor.

If you're dealing with carpets, ask if a power stretcher will be used.

And, read any and all warranties very carefully.

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