Brecksville mother says bottle of bleach exploded on her while she did laundry

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - It's an explosive story coming out of Brecksville.

A woman said a bottle of bleach burst out, sending the liquid all over the place. It was a brand new, never-been-opened bottle of bleach and the whole thing has her frightened.

"I reached up to grab it," said Raleigh Titschinger as she stood in her laundry area demonstrating what she did a couple of weeks ago.

She was just trying to do a load of laundry.  However, she said when she put her hands on the new bottle of LA's Totally Awesome Bleach, it was anything but awesome.

"The lid shot off like an explosion," Raleigh said. "It scared me half to death because it was really loud."

Her husband Randy Titschlinger was in the house.

"I heard that thing pop and her yell," Randy said.

He helps run a horse farm and the family lives on site. He ran upstairs to see what happened. He noticed the nearby clothes and even a baby seat several feet away. But that wasn't all.

"I'm like doused with bleach," d Raleigh said. "My whole…hair my face...luckily it wasn't in my eye. But like my whole body and leg was covered."

She jumped into the shower but her hair is still lighter from the unexpected bleach shower. On top of all the damage, Raleigh told us she is allergic to bleach.

"I try really hard not to breathe it in," she told us.  "When it touches me, I just break out."

The family uses bleach all the time around the horse farm to keep things sanitized.

"We do everything with it and I just never even think about it," Randy said. "Of course, now I will after this."

The Titschingers said they contacted the store where they bought the exploding bottle and they contacted the company. They tell us Awesome Products Inc. said it would send forms for them to fill out then they would talk to the Brecksville family. However, they have heard nothing so far.

The family said it's frustrating and scary especially because Raleigh always has their one-year-old daughter Sage in her arms or in a over-the-shoulder, front-strapped baby carrier, but thankfully Sage was with Randy when the bottle went boom.

"It was just a fluke," Raleigh esaid. "My husband just happened to be in the house and she was playing in the living room."

WEWS contacted the store Deals where the bleach was bought, but we have gotten no response.

We contacted the Awesome Products company and no response there either.

We'll stay on top of it.

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