Best things to buy in September so you save money: TVs, computers and grills

CLEVELAND - They always say timing is everything and that includes buying things during the month of September.

What deals can you get this month?

Earlier this week, we mentioned cars on that list. But we also teamed up with that found iPhones to big screens are there, too, all in an effort to help you keep your cash.

"Something inexpensive, but still reliable," said Lisa Langford when we caught up with her searching for a new flat screen TV at a Best Buy in Brooklyn, Ohio. "My last television is from 1993 and it's about two feet wide."

She didn't know it, but she had great timing. The experts at said September is a great month to pick up anything from 32-inch screens to 55 and 60 inches. With the 32s, they said last year they noticed September deals beat Black Friday events by 6 percent. The better value is the 1080p version. They told us the 55s fell to the second-lowest price of the year in August.

Best Buy reps said aging models that originally came out in January will save you money.

"New technology starts coming out here after this New Year so, it's drawing closer to that time," said Best Buy home theater sales specialist Jacob Olsieski. "All of the older models they kind of try to push."

Some of that older technology where you can see big time savings includes desktop computers. Many people have moved to laptops or tablets.  So, with less demand comes more cash in your pocket. In fact, DealNews reported this month "boasts deals that should be better than Black Friday deals" on dual-core desktops.

"You're not going to have a super high-end processor," said Best Buy computer and tablet supervisor Justin Reed.  "But for the basic user who basically likes to do Internet browsing and email, maybe Facebook here and there, it's a great computer; definitely get five to seven years of life out of it. Probably one of the best buys that we currently have."

Patio furniture is going fast at the end of the summer season clearance events. Home Depot said you should check out online deals. We found that could save you half off or more.

But there are still some traditional summer-time favorites opening up savings for you like grills.

"We have great prices they're down 30 percent, save $100 on a grill pretty easily," said Kmart assistant manager Jill Stamper.

In fact, if you're a gambler, watching inventory and waiting might be a good strategy. 

"We will be getting rid of all of our grills," Stamper told us. "We won't be carrying any over for through the season. So, the prices will continue to drop until they're gone."

Langford did not wait for her TV purchase and she was alright with that. 

"I looked online and I found something reasonable and it's in the store," she told us. "I feel good about it."

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