Best things to buy in November: Get deals on some of your favorite items like cookware, iPad, toys

CLEVELAND - Shopping is on the minds of many this time of the year, and we are on your side with the best and worst things to buy in November.

We teamed up with and after all kinds of research about deals, there's a consumer list of do's and don'ts when you're buying this month.

One of the do's: turkeys (for obvious reasons).

One of the don'ts: the iPad 2 - but what about the new iPad?

We're on your side with the answer to that and so much more.

"Very good time to buy, especially around this time of the year," said Vito Magistro, from Cleveland, who is a contractor and was shopping at Lowe's for some tools.

"I would pay something like $30 for this," said Magistro as he pointed to a 3-pack of pliers. "I paid 10 bucks.  You can't beat that," he added.

And you can't beat November for deals on tools according to Research shows now's the time to measure up the deals on wrenches, store up the savings on tool storage supplies, and ratchet up discounts on socket sets and more.

"November is a really busy time for us," said Adam Callahan, who is the Assistant Manager for the Brooklyn, Ohio Lowe's location. He said the store has decided to cut through the clutter and put some of the best deals in the aisleways. Some items that are usually $30 are now $20. We found a tool set that was $10 but now it's $5. And a clamp wrench that's normally $25 is now $10.

When it comes to clothes, DealNews said in the weeks leading up to and around Black Friday, many stores offered their best online coupons of the year and you can stack those on top of current sales.

DealNews also reported the savings are popping up this month on bakeware. Stores are also carving out some discounts on cutlery and cookware. The Sears store at Great Northern Mall had Dutch ovens nearly 50 percent off.

Another area to save is small kitchen appliances. Blenders, juicers, even crockpots are on sale.

"We also have your toasters, coffee pots, blenders will get you going on...almost 50 percent off," said North Olmsted Sears Store Manager Melvin Huggins. "So, we're going to be running a bunch of different deals," he added.

DealNews said don't wait until the end of the month for toys. Right now or the second week of December are great times to buy for the kids. Check for discounts on the iPad 4 from Apple or get even bigger discounts from resellers like

Another tip - candy.

There are still plenty of bags left after Halloween.

We bought a big bag for about two bucks and that is a sweet deal!

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