Back To School: Top tech items that your students are dying to get their hands on

Add battery life, rock the sounds, smart watch

CLEVLEAND - As your kids are heading back to school, there are some high-tech essentials many are wanting either for class or just to make life a bit easier during the school year.

In the sea of stuff your students need as they head back to class, many have laptops and tablets on their minds.  Why not combine them?  We saw a 2-in-1 Lenovo Yoga for $449 at Best Buy. "It's a tablet when you want…to do the apps, the Facebook, the games,” said Best Buy Team Leader Aaron Stevens. “And it's a computer when you need to do your word processing, your spreadsheets,” Stevens added.

If you want just a tablet, the iPad has changed the landscape of computing and classrooms with all kinds of educational apps. You have the choice of a mini starting at $299 or a regular size varies from $399 to the new iPad air 16G with a starting price of $499.

If you have an iPhone, you can connect them together. "It's all one eco system so, you make one change on your iPhone it changes on your iPad,” said Stevens. “Which is nice because as a student everything is changing…you're always on the go," he added.

Speaking of the iPhone, if yours gets a workout the battery can drain pretty easily. For $119 you can add battery life and a protective case from Mophie. It easily clicks into your device and shows how much battery is left through a light up display. "You don't have to carry the charger around with you.  You don't have to run back to the dorm to go grab the charger. You have that battery pack built in. Very nice feature," explained Stevens. And for a little more money, you can get a Mophie that adds battery life and memory to your iPhone.

Beats headphones are big on any campus giving a full bass sound and available in many colors. It costs about $199 for the ones that have a cord.

And finally, there’s the new Pebble Smart Watch connects to your smartphone and gives you Facebook, Twitter, and text message notifications.  "If you're in class, you don't want to pull your phone out every 5 seconds.  You're professor is yelling at you,” laughed Stevens.

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