A dangerous appliance sends the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center into action

CLEVELAND - A broken gas stove presented all kinds of problems that the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center needed to jump in to help.

Cleveland native, 51 year-old Isaac Nelson, said his problem has been on-going for about two months now.

"If it wasn't for my landlord, I wouldn't be here," said Nelson.  

It all started when Nelson said he paid $250 at the beginning of March for a used gas stove he bought from PR Appliances & Parts on Lorain Avenue.  But he said as soon as it was installed, it leaked.

"I went to bed that night.  The landlord came by and the house was fuming,” said Nelson. “We opened the windows,” he added.

Nelson told us the gas company had to red-tag the stove.  He said he called several times to get it fixed by PR, but nothing happened.  After Nelson called the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, PR came out and gave him a replacement stove.  

It works but it leans, has cardboard underneath it holding it up, and the door is off-line.

Nelson told us he's been calling non-stop to get his original stove fixed and brought back but nothing's been done.

"[I’m] kind of depressed because I paid for something….when you pay for something you want to get what you paid for," he told us.

I had called PR several times and after PR owner Jaime Rivera hung up on me, I went directly to his store.

"I'm Jonathan Walsh from NewsChannel 5,” I said as I came through the front door.

Rivera said he has been in contact with Nelson, but after weeks of Nelson’s aggravation, Rivera doesn't have a stove to give Nelson.

"We're trying to bring both parties together, sir, and make sure this is taken care of,” I told Rivera while we were in his store. 

“We are going to do it, but we don't have it right now,” said Rivera.

We had Rivera call Nelson while we were there.

"As soon as I get it here, I am going to take it to your house," said Rivera into the phone with Nelson on the other end.

Rivera told us Nelson will now have that stove within 2 -3 weeks and it will come with a new 90-day warranty. 

Nelson is relieved.  "I appreciate [NewsChannel5’s] help.  It makes me feel like I'm not alone,” said Nelson.  “I don't have any family here. I need some help and it makes me feel like I'm ok," he added.

On Your Side Advice:

  • Deal News says investigate the model. 
  • Look on Consumer Reports for the original rating and brand reliability.
  • Avoid anything too old.  On gas appliances, the recommendation is nothing more than 20 years old.
  • See if there are replacement parts available.  If not, you might want to walk away.

We will stay on top of Nelson's case and let you know what's done in the next couple of weeks.


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