5 things expected to have higher price tags in the year 2014

CLEVELAND - 2014 is ringing in some bad news for some of you. 5 On Your Side Consumer Advocate Jonathan Walsh has teamed up with Money Talks News to let you know about five things that may come with higher price tags in the new year.

1. Milk

Najiyyah Shakir-Scott is not thrilled with the idea of price hikes, especially when we caught up with her stocking up on milk.

"We like to have a lot of milk and cereal and stuff like that,” said Shakir-Scott. “So, I have been noticing that the milk has been going up higher," she added.

Milk could see a whole new wave of price tags because of increased demand for milk overseas and Congress may be skimming some government subsidies.

2. Wine

Bad weather in France has forced supplies of French wines to their lowest levels in more than a dozen years. But never fear, wine lovers, the folks at Rozi's Wine House in Lakewood said California wines have been outpacing French versions and can be just as good.

3. Chipotle

The company said it's going with more organic foods which can cost a bit more. Will that stop some from getting their Mex fix?

"I was already at my price point at about eight or nine bucks a burrito so, it's back to Taco Bell for me,” said shopper Edward Wissel. However, Austin Hamilton had a different thought. “I don't think it would keep me away from Chipotle,” he told us. We asked if he just liked it too much. “Yeah!” he said with a laugh.

4. Getting a G.E.D.

High school equivalency exams in Ohio have changed. Last year, you could take a paper test for $40 or an electronic version for $120. Now the paper option is gone, leaving only the $120 version. However, if you're a first-time taker, you can pay $40 this year.

5. Stamps

This month they went up three cents, but other mailings have gone up, too. Stamps.com reported you should expect to shell out anywhere from 1 to 6 percent more, depending on the way you ship.


All these price hikes are playing on the mind of Shakir-Scott. "I want my shopping to be easy as possible and I want to save as much as possible like everyone else," she said with a smile.

A few more things that are anticipated to go up in price include pecans. They are expected to go up for a couple different reasons.: first, their growing popularity in China and second, the New York Times reported there were all kinds of rain storms in the U.S. shorting the groves by 35 percent.

The next iPhone is expected to cost more, too, along with traveling with pets on planes, luxury cars and McDonald’s “Dollar” Menu.

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