All-natural soap nuts laundry detergent put to the test

Do Eco Nuts really clean your clothes?

Laundry detergent is changing. The liquid is packed in tablets and gel packs. Another product looks like a nut. They're called Eco Nuts and claim to help you cut your costs and make laundry more convenient.

Nicole Gallagher, of Strongsville, spends lots of time in her laundry room washing countless loads of clothes for her husband and three kids.

"We normally would use Tide," Gallagher said.

She was stuck on using brand-name liquid detergent, until a product called Eco Nuts caught her eye online.

"They look like acorns, sort of. They come with little sacks that you basically put the nuts inside of, and just throw them in with your wash. You get a bunch of loads of laundry out of them," Gallagher explained.

Eco Nuts are a berry, and they grow on trees in the Himalayas. They naturally produce soap. They're organic and odor-free.
"They don't leave a fragrance on the clothes afterwards. So they just smell clean when they come out of the wash," Gallagher explained.

Eco Nuts claims to do your dirty work for a fraction of the cost. We did our own cost comparison. Most brand name laundry detergents cost between 15 and 30 cents per load depending if you're paying full or sale price. Eco Nuts cost 9 to 12 cents a load.

"That's all I use now. It's so economical," Erin Schillo, of Macedonia, said.

Moms say the sack you throw the nuts in also make laundry convenient. "It's not like measuring detergent, running out of detergent. You just keep reusing the same little thing," Gallagher said.

Our laundry testers say you don't need to add anything to your washer beside the nuts. Not even fabric softener.
"It makes everything really fluffy too. My towels look like brand new. They're like two inches thick," Schillo said.

One drawback we found is that Eco Nuts aren't available in many stores, so you're best bet is to buy them online. That means you'll spend a few dollars on shipping.

You can use Eco Nuts in front-loading and high efficiency washers, because they are low sudsing.

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