5 ways to be one of the most awesome Mega Millions jackpot winners of all-time

As the Mega Millions jackpot jumps even closer to a record level--$636 million as of this writing--we started wondering how you could spend it in a way that would make the biggest impact. 
Inspired by lottery winners who "paid it forward,"  including this Canadian retiree who gave it all away , we found five cool ways you could spend the $341 million estimated cash option payout. 
#1) Create your own housing boom.
But not for yourself and your posse. Instead, pay to demolish all 30,000 of the condemned houses that “plague” northeast Ohio. With the leftover money, you can help Habitat for Humanity build more than 2,100 three-bedroom houses. 
Or, you could skip the demo and rebuilds by just buying 5,287 of the houses for sale in Cleveland and donating them to some of the 23,100 people who are homeless in Cuyahoga County .
#2) Be smart. Spark middle class expansion.
You could use your newfound wealth to send 15,762 kids to college for four years, which would be a significant boost if you awarded those scholarships to almost half of the 33,032 metro Cleveland families living in poverty
If you do, consider starting with the estimated 3,656 homeless children currently in Cleveland Metro Schools.
New college graduates start out at an average of $45,327 a year , which is higher than Cuyahoga County’s median household income of $43,603 a year.
#3) Help people suffering with cancer
The cost of cancer goes well beyond the physical toils it can take on the patient. It hits them and their families hard financially
With your $341,000,000 Mega Millions payday, you could provide comfort and treatment for 1,242 people suffering from lung cancer; 3,371 women with breast cancer; 1,938 people with Leukemia; and 3,721 men with prostate cancer.
#4) Don’t be a businessman. Be a business, man.
Want to make a dent in unemployment, fill up vacant commercial space and help improve the quality of life locally? Use your winnings to make 3,410 alternative  small business loans of $100,000 to those who can't get traditional bank loans .
Since 1995, small businesses have made up more than 65 percent of all jobs and they create 13 times more patents than large businesses  so they're innovative too.

Perhaps even more impressive, a study found that every $100 spent at a local business generates $45 of "secondary local spending," which means more money stays in the local economy.
#5) Food for their minds, bodies and souls
Raise the average salary of Cleveland Metro teachers to $76,000 a year, which would make them the best paid in the area. Perhaps that would help attract talented educators from areas like Westlake where teachers average $71,274 a year.
You could bankroll that raise for four years and still afford to fund the Cleveland Food Bank for five years , which provides more than 40 million meals a year in Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Ashland and Richland counties. 
And you’d still have money to fund the Cleveland Library system and the Cuyahoga County libraries for a year... ...with something leftover for yourself.

When you daydream about winning the Mega Millions, what ideas do you have for being generous with your winnings? Share them below.
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