Wakeup with your makeup: Permanent makeup a growing trend

From eyelids to eyebrows and lips

A needle, ink, and the artist: a tattoo is no longer taboo for our moms.

The feeling fades, but Vicki Burkhardt still sees the needle right next to her eye.

Vicki is among a growing trend of women who put makeup on and never wash it off.

Soon to be 70 -- Burkhardt found Gloria Brennan after years of dealing with very little hair and her pencil markings that were tough to keep on.

"It's given me self-confidence that I don't have to worry about them anymore. I'd go to exercise and I'd wipe my eyebrow off," says Burkhardt.

Now those eyebrows go everywhere.

Starting with permanent eyeliner, and trust as sharp as the needle. Steady with her hands, Gloria uses black ink to give Vicki a fine line on her lower and upper eyelids.

You can't hate a woman for wanting to look good day and night.

But some clients make it to this tattoo parlor after something more serious.

"People with thyroid problems lose half their eyebrow, so they'll come in with half an eyebrow. Then you have clients who have had cancer situations and have lost their eyebrows and their lashes," says Brennan.

From the eyelids to the eyebrows, Gloria sees her clients three to four times before the permanent makeup is perfect. Even the lips are getting etched in ink.

If you want them to be red or pink when you pop out of the pool this summer, maybe a tattoo on your face is for you.

You can see the difference in Vicki's eyebrows. She's happy, and she'd settle for a needle over a knife anyway.

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