The Ruff Report: Pebbles is a little dog with a big heart full of love

She's cute. She's friendly. She's everything good and then some. At least that's what her mom says. Pebbles is a Boston Terrier-Beagle mix that's almost in her terrific two's. Check out her look. She has a little spot on her head and one ear stands up and the other one likes to lay low. Now that's what I call unique!

If you love to cuddle and snuggle, Pebbles wrote the book. According to her mommy Sarah, Pebble loves to stay close and hides under the covers in bed or on the couch.

When she's not catching some 'Z's' Pebbles loves to eat bones and get belly rubs. I truly believe that's in the doggie manual, chapter 1, page 6, paragraph two. Anyway, Pebbles never meets a stranger. She falls in love with everyone she meets and gives lots of kisses. Translation, this dog is a smoocher and she's serious about it.

When it's time to hang out Pebbles favorite spot is the dog park. Not necessarily to socialize with the other dogs that are always there, but to hook up with some very nice humans. Yes, that's Pebbles. She's a lover and not a fighter. She doesn't even bark. Not one ruff.

Now don't get me wrong. Pebbles isn't a quiet dog. She does whine and cry a bit when she wants attention. Sarah told me people think she's a bit spoiled but mommy says she's just loved a lot.

And when you look at the adorable little face of hers, who wouldn't fall in love and give her what she wants.

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