The Ruff Report: Kickin' it with Mr. Cooper is always lots of fun

His name is Cooper, but he's also known as "precious poochy." Take a look at his pictures and I think you can understand why.

Mr. Cooper is one-and-a-half-years-old and he brings nothing but smiles to his mom, Tina, and his papa, Scott. Tina lights up whenever Cooper is around and when anyone mentions his name.

Cooper is a chocolate Lab/Husky mix and weighs in at a comfortable 64 pounds.

When Cooper isn't giving his mommy lots of love and kisses, he has a few activities that keep him pretty busy. How about a dip in the pool? Yep, Cooper has mastered the doggie paddle technique. And what about that new doggie Olympics sport squirrel chasing? Cooper wrote the book on it. I have to admit, this is one incredible dog.

But Cooper isn't always super active. He likes to relax with a sweet treat, ice cream, sometimes and take nice long walks in the park or around the block. He's very friendly, so if he sees another dog while he's on his evening strolls, he'll go over and introduce himself, sniff around and try to play. What can I say? Cooper has great manners.

But the one thing that really stands out about Cooper is his commitment to social media. Cooper has his own Facebook page. That's right. He's on Facebook and has over 20 friends, including two other pooches. He updates his page periodically to keep his friends informed on what's happening in his life, what park he walked through lately or the trouble he got into. I guess one could say Cooper is dog of the times -- and the times are a changin'.

Cooper is a special canine with a fun-loving personality and his parents are certainly very proud of him.

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