Summer Kids' Solutions: Tween book hits

WASHINGTON - As Hunger Games hit the big screen last month, my oldest child rushed to the theater and my youngest lost interest in reading the popular books.

Knowing all about the story before reading it just took the wind out of her sails, I guess. Now, both are searching for the next big "read"- and I support them. I love when they fill their lazy days of summer with a good book.

But big hits like Harry Potter, The Twilight series and Hunger Games are hard acts to follow. That's why we reached out to Brijin Boddy, manager of youth and teen services at the D.C. Public Library in our nation's capitol, for suggestions.

Here's her list…Enjoy!

1. Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth: only the first two, Divergent and Insurgent, are out

2. Futuristic Fairy Tales: A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan and Cinder by Marissa Meyer

3. Forensic Mysteries by Alane Ferguson: Christopher Killer, The Angel of Death, Circle of Blood, The Dying Breath

4. Escape From the Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith: Lockdown, Solitary, Death Sentence, Fugitives

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