Woman spins dog hair into beautiful art

CASPER, Wy. - Springtime in Wyoming is generally associated with outdoor hobbies. However for one one Casper resident springtime means staying indoors to enjoy her hobby.

Pet hair is generally a burden for many, but Peg Jackson finds it a blessing.  When the temperature gets warmer her collie DJ begins to shed.  That's when Peg turns what is a nuisance for most people into works of art.  She spins dog hair, much like wool is spun.

Peg has had three collie dogs and they all have a lot of down.  Peg has been spinning for 20 years.  She told people at church that she spins dog hair.  Some asked if she would spin their dog's hair for them.  Now, just about every Sunday someone brings Peg a sack of dog hair to spin.  

Peg likes that there are different colors in a dog's coat.  She especially likes dog hair because there are guard hairs, little long hairs that stick out.  She says they are soft and nice, not like wool. It's so fine that you can hold it in your hand and feed it into the wheel and spin it into yarn.

Peg takes her upright wheel to the schools in Casper.  The kids get excited when the wheel goes around and around.  Peg says it's a fun experience for her and the kids.  She likes to have the kids make wooly balls.  The more wooly balls are rolled, the harder they get and then they can be bounced on the floor.  The kids have a fun time while learning something new.

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