Couple specializes in writing modern hymns

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - At a time when most new Christian songs are written for rock bands, Keith and Kristyn Getty specialize in writing hymns that have quickly become popular in churches across the U.S and in England.
According to Christian Copyright Licensing International, the hymn "In Christ Alone," which Keith Getty co-wrote, has been among the top 20 hymns sung in newer churches over the last five years.
Keith Getty wrote the tune for "In Christ Alone" on the back of an electric bill and told his friend, hymn writer Stuart Townend that he wanted the lyrics to tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection, and he thought each verse should begin with the words "In Christ Alone."
Townend used the phrase to begin two verses and began playing it in churches in England where it was an instant hit.
The Gettys are from Northern Ireland but now live in Nashville, Tenn.
The Tennesseean reports they're currently on sabbatical to write more hymns.

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