She Said/He Said! Cheaters beware, New site to air all your dirty laundry

“Looks like a model but acts like a two dollar hooker. […] She is missing that important detail because she will have sex with anyone who buys her a martini.”

Could you imagine if this was someone’s opinion of you? Or better yet, something they claimed was 100 percent factual. I’d bet your mouth would drop wide open and you’d have a hard time holding back a tear or two. But instead of having this said to your face, let’s say you find out a scorned lover has posted it on the World Wide Web for hundreds of thousands of people to see. Did I mention your picture and name are also attached?

The above is a statement taken from the new website , which is airing alleged cheater’s dirty laundry one blog at a time.

Founder and CEO of the website, James McGibney admits to being on both sides of the fence and channeling those feelings into his new business venture. “I have cheated, but it was a long time ago,” he says. “I’m not going to take the Bill Clinton route and say that I ‘didn’t inhale.’”

Before settling down, getting married and having kids, McGibney served in the Marine Corps and says he spent some time consoling other Marines who had experienced infidelity while serving overseas. It was then he decided to create a place that encourages monogamy and could possibly prevent heartache.

“Several companies promote what they call ‘discreet affairs,’ but now, there is a platform for those victims to go and sound off,” he says.

The site was launched on Valentine’s Day and with nearly 700,000 hits, posts and registered users, it’s making quite a name for itself. But while poking around, it has some wondering if they’ve crossed the line or if there was ever a line to cross?

“When I heard about the site, I immediately searched my name and got hooked,” Joanna Salz says laughing. “Thank God I wasn’t on it, but that’s beside the point. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I just kept clicking and reading and thinking ‘that poor girl, how could she be so stupid?’ I guess that’s what you get.”

Phoenix divorce attorney, Max Hanson has been practicing law for 15 years and knows first hand how people’s emotions can run high when they find out their significant other has been unfaithful.

“It appears to be one of those sites that allow people to take out their frustration,” he says. “I don’t believe it would ever see the light of day in court. But what does concern me is someone getting sued for libel, if they’re not careful when they post these allegations.” gives you the option to stay completely anonymous if you decide to blast someone’s wrong doings. There is also an option for the “cheater” to log in and tell their side of the story. I’d like to mention that I spent several hours trying to contact the sites’ people in question. No one was willing to comment.

McGibney says his employees are not a “judge or jury” so they don’t dictate if folks are guilty or not when they are caught with a wandering eye. But they do vote on the best “post of the week,” sending that person home with bragging rights and 100 bucks!

“I have had dozens of e-mails from people demanding I take posts written about them down,” McGibney says. “But what’s funny is they’ve never refuted the entire post. They just say ‘X, Y, Z’ isn’t correct.”

Depending on what side of the love battlefield you’ve walked A.K.A cheater or cheated on, you know the rush of emotions that consume your entire body when the deed is done. McGibney hopes will not only serve as a soundboard, but also a safe haven of sorts for folks checking out a new boyfriend/girlfriend’s past.

“I am my worst critic,” McGibney says. “I feel horrible that someone has to find out that their spouse is being unfaithful on my site. But everyone has a right to know and it’s better if they’re not to be the last to know.”

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