Warm weather creates danger for pets left in cars

CLEVELAND - When Stephanie Tapocsi got out of her car to go into a store Monday, she took her seven-month-old black lab with her.

Tapocsi said she would never leave Hogan alone inside a hot car.  But many pet owners do.

“It makes me upset,” she said.

Police are reminding pet owners not to leave pets in cars in hot weather.

On an 85 degree day, it takes about ten minutes for the temperature inside a car to rise to over 100 degrees.

“And that’s with the windows cracked,” Veterinarian Megan Volpe said.

Dr. Volpe is Director of Veterinary Services at the Geauga Humane Society.  She has treated her share of overheated animals when she was in private practice.

“They come in various stages of heat exhaustion, heat stroke,” she said.  “They can be in cardiovascular distress.”

Leaving a pet in a hot car can also lead to animal cruelty charges. 

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