The Ruff Report: Nah'la is all about fashion, fun and playing with little ones

I can't take my eyes off this good looking dog. Nah'la is a 6-year- old French bull/Boston terrier mix. She really likes tight shots of her face, can't you tell?

If this were a doggie dating website I would tell you that in Nah' la's spare time she enjoys long walks, running at the dog park with other dogs and lots of hugs... once she knows you, of course.

Nah'la has a passion for fashion. During the winter months she can be seen sporting the latest in doggie couture. Sweaters are her absolute favorite. What can I say? She one fashionable pooch.

What's really special about Nah'la is how much she loves small children.  She loves to play with them and have a great time.

Nah'la you are one of a kind.

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