The Ruff Report: Murphy says goodbye to the Sunshine state and hello to the Buckeye state

I want to give a warm welcome to Murphy Miller, also known as Murph, and his family.  Murph loves the cool temps and running around in the snow, but he gave up the nice warm temps and beach runs of Orlando, Florida. Don't feel sorry for the 4 year old beagle/lab mix, he's adjusted to Northeast Ohio winters quite nicely. He knows he must dress for the season, and so you'll see a great picture of Murph with his scarf around his neck.  Not only does Murph like to stay warm, he must be fashionably cool.

When Murph isn't all bundled up and playing in the snow he enjoys being around family and friends. And Murph doesn't mind if they bring their dogs around as well because he's a friendly pooch with lots of love to share. He is a joy to be around and his Mom Meghan says she enjoys talking nice long run-walks with him.

If there's a football game on television, Murph is your best buddy to watch the action on the gridiron. During half time he may bring you his favorite toy to play with...a Browns football. According to Murph, the Browns will be much better next year. I hope he's right.

One of the unique things about Murph is that he loves to smell shampoo. Hmmm. Not sure what the attraction to shampoo is all about, but my guess is that Murph likes to smell things with a nice fragrance. He's classy. Sophisticated. Cultured. This dog is the best of the best, according to his parents of course.

So again, welcome Murph to Northeast Ohio. We're glad you're here and we hope you continue to enjoy your time here.

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