Chihuahuas rescued by national pet groups at Ohio breeding facility, watch the heartbreaking video

Owners faced tragredy and health issues

SHELBY, Ohio - This is an expanded video essay of the rescue of over 300 dogs by authorities and animal rescue groups on Friday.

Featured in this video are interviews from a family friend as well as Red Rover rescue group from California and the National Humane Society. The animals are now being taken care of and are soon to be placed in shelters both locally and nationally.

Shelby, Ohio in Richland County was the scene of this massive animal rescue this week. Over 300 dogs were in a home kennel and breeding facility in sub-standard conditions. The owner's family called authorities when they learned of the poor conditions in which the animals were living.

Friends of the family immediately took charge and notified the local animal humane society for help, but the task was too large for them.They had to call for assistance from national organizations and local rescue groups to provide emergency medical care, shelter and help finding foster homes.

The husband and wife owners have suffered greatly in recent times, with the wife suffering from stage four cancer, followed by her struggling husband suffering a fatal heart attack this week. They had been respected breeders in the past, but now authorities say they had become animal hoarders. The majority of animals were found in fair health, but suffered medical issues due to poor hygiene practices and over-crowding.

People seeking to adopt one of the rescue dogs can search their local animal shelters for the "Shelby, Ohio Chihuahuas" or online at pet adoption agencies.

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