Hot nail trends that won't break your budget

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio - The manicure business is experiencing tremendous growth.

Last year the nail industry grew to $7.4 billion. Part of the reason for the growth spurt is the popularity of current nail trends.

So I went to Posh salon in Sheffield Village and talked to Susan Metzger. She's been a manicurist for 25 years and says the trends have changed over the years.

"People started getting into more of the natural nail and the health of their nail. Then they came out with the shellac and it took off like wildfire," Metzger says.

But the truth is women want a manicure that will last and not break their budget.

Beth Brabson is a nursing student who only gets her nails done two to three times a year because of costs and it never lasts long. Metzger gave her a shellac manicure that will last two to three weeks and the cost is $32.

A basic manicure can give you a great look as well. It doesn't  last as long as the shellac but it gets the job done and will run you around $20.

The younger crowd seems to be attracted to a nail trend that you may not have thought about, press on nails.  Beth Monch liked them because they're easy to use and an easy fix to touch up a nail. The best part is the price. Press-on nails bought at any drugstore for just $3 to $8 a pack.

But the hottest trend right now is the vinyl lux. Metzger said, "It lasts longer than a manicure and polish and not as long as the shellac."

The price is for this hot trend is $24.

Metzger shared with me that celebrities have picked up a nail trend that surprises her. It dates back to the '40s and '50s and stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear them, pointed nails.

The one thing that never goes out of style with nails is bling. Metzger says bling and glitter are still popular requests.

But the next trend coming to a nail salon near you is scented polish: nails that look great can now smell great.

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