Fourth edition of 'Video Vault 5' highlights Big-O, Lawson's Orange Juice commercial, Mr. Jingeling

CLEVELAND - Did you grow up in northeast Ohio? Do you remember the Big-O or who lived on Halle’s seventh floor? If so, you'll want to watch the fourth edition of "Video Vault 5."

In the vintage video, we'll show you the legendary Lawson’s Orange Juice commercial, which hasn’t been seen on TV in at least three decades. You’ll also see Santa’s most famous elf, Mr. Jingeling, and hear the behind-the-scenes story of the Keeper of the Keys.

It’s a nostalgic look back at the Christmas’s of Cleveland past, complete with parades, department store window displays, and public square lighting ceremonies.

Tell us in a comment below what your favorite memory was highlighted in "Video Vault 5."

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