65,000-light Christmas display angers neighbors in California

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. - A massive Christmas light display in a California neighborhood is attracting crowds and controversy.

Jan Stewart covered her Fountain Valley home with more than 65,000 Christmas lights and synced them all to music. The display, which is in its second year, is in memory of Stewart's late husband.

It draws hundreds of people each night.

But the display doesn't inspire Christmas spirit in everyone, as some neighbors have complained to the police.

The complaint?

"It's more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip than for a residential area. Most of the houses do have Christmas decorations; we're not opposed to that, but it's just very -- very bright; very intrusive," said one of the neighbors.

Stewart said she's sorry her neighbors don't like the display, but encourages them to enjoy the holiday cheer. She's been ticketed for noise and now keeps it down by 9 p.m., but the crowds keep coming to enjoy the show.

Some of the neighbors said they want to go to city council to get an ordinance passed to keep the number of lights there in check.

What do you think? How would you feel if this were your neighbor? Chime in via the comment box below.

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