Thanks to the Polar Vortex, here comes the Pollen Vortex: Allergies worse than before

CLEVELAND - Are you sneezing and coughing more than normal? Your allergies are most likely to blame as experts say, “Move over Polar Vortex, here comes the Pollen Vortex!”

According to doctors, pollen counts this allergy season are leading to more stuffed noses and coughing than before.  That’s because thanks to the longer winter, flowers and plants are blooming at all once instead of gradually now that we’re seeing more warmer temps.

Not to mention, because of all the snow and moisture in the ground, the blooms that we’re seeing all at once, are also more robust.

On top of all that, you can thank your address for the extra allergies.

According to the Spring Allergies Capital List 2014 , Cleveland ranks with Youngstown and Toledo among 100 of the most challenging places to live for people with allergies.  

Akron has all three cities beat , coming in at #32, the second highest in the state. 

The #1 city on that list: Louisville, Kentucky. (So stay away from there.)


If you have allergies but haven’t been hit with those flu-like symptoms yet, experts say start your allergy treatment early. Some other tips to calming those allergies include keeping your vehicle and home windows closed. 

Lastly, experts say to show before you to bed to get the pollen off of you.

And don’t forget nasal sprays!

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