Drink this, not that this holiday season if you want to keep the calories at bay

How to drink without guilt

So you've decided to pour a little holiday cheer in your glass. Good for you. Here's our list of ways to do it right.

1. BEER: Those Miller 64's sure to sound nice. What's not to love about light beer taste with fewer calories? But chances are one of those calorie-saving brews will not satisfy you in the least. You'll have another. Then another one. Pretty soon you're dancing with Santa and you've consumed enough calories to look like him. Instead of falling victim to light beers, indulge in something heavier. You can nurse a 100 calorie beer instead of downing lots of lighter ones. Best bets: Guiness Extra Stout: 176 calories. Magic Hat #9: 153 calories

2. WINE: In general, the sweeter the wine the more calories it has hidden beneath its crisp finish and fruity bouquet. To keep the calories low, opt for a red wine or dry white. A standard five ounce pour contains about 100 calories, so don't let someone fill your glass until you've finished it. You'll lose track of those pesky calories quickly.

3. SPIRITS: Ah, you're going for the good stuff. Keep this in mind - one shot packs about 98 calories. Choose your mixer carefully. By pouring some Coke into your whiskey, you're adding tons of new calories. Our nutrition expert recommends a flavored vodka mixed with club soda. Club soda has zero calories. But forget the tonic water because it hides 40 calories beneath its bubbly surface. 

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