New York bakery offers chicken wing cupcake for Super Bowl

COLONIE, NY - It's dessert with a chicken wing on top.

A creative baker in Colonie, New York has cooked up a treat unique for any Super Bowl party.  It's a chicken wing cupcake, and it's nearly exactly what you imagined: a cupcake with a kick, and a chicken wing with icing.

The snack stacks an actual chicken wing on top of a cornbread cupcake with blue cheese frosting. Coccadott's owner, Rachel Cocca-Dott, said it's not your ordinary chocolate or vanilla cupcake.

Cocca-Dott also said the treat has been selling well since she first posted it on Facebook.

Just like football, the chicken wing cupcake proves creativity and a sprinkle of boldness can be a winning recipe.

But we want to know, would you try one?

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