Market Basket: Now is the time for Ohio Sweet Corn

It's easy to select delicious fresh corn

CLEVELAND - Sweet corn time is here. We all look forward to that hot, buttered corn on the cob. But to achieve that sweet summer satisfaction, we have to select the right ear of corn first.

How do you do it? It’s easy with just a few simple-to-remember tips.

First, take a look at the corn. The husk should be vibrant. It should feel firm, but not too dry.

“The color is important, it should be a rich green,“ says Figaro Farms Owner Andy Figley. 

Figley knows. He grows plenty of corn for his produce retail operation in Green. He also advises to check out the corn silk.

“It should be brown. If it’s brown, it’s mature and ready to eat.”

That corn silk should also feel sticky or moist. If it’s dry, it’s probably older corn. Older corn is not as fresh, and that translates to less flavor.

Then, look at the stalk. Place your thumbnail firmly into the base of the stalk. It should give easily and leave an impression.  If it doesn’t, and it’s hard, it probably means the corn is drying out and is not as fresh.

You will also want to feel the kernels through the husk. If they feel plump and firm, that’s a sign of freshness.

As with all produce, fresher is better because it’s more flavorful. Locally grown corn has the advantage of being the freshest available. 

“If the corn is shipped in, it could be days old,” Figley tells us. “If you buy it locally, it may be just hours old, at least at my store.”

Ohio-grown sweet corn should available from now until the end of September.

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