Can you 'Live Below the Line' on $1.50 a day?

Live Below the Line is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, an education and campaigning organization whose mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action against extreme poverty.

The challenge asks you to take a day, or five, and live on $1.50 or less to see what life is like for the 1.4 billion people who live below the poverty line every day.

"The intention is to increase awareness that will drive action to support poverty," said Michael Trainer, U.S. country director for the Global Poverty Project, in an interview with .

It may sound difficult to live on only $1.50 worth of food a day, but Live Below the Line is happy to give you ideas in order to help you participate.

They suggest hosting dinner parties and serving meals worth 50 cents per person, gardening, and drinking only tap water.

The site even offers a downloadable cookbook. They offer recipes for breakfast, snacks, soups, desserts, rice, beans, meals with ingredients they know you can make for $1.50 or less - oatmeal porridge with apple and honey to couscous with vegetables. ( Click here to view all the recipes )

Through partnerships with various charities , the campaign raises both awareness and critical funds for those around the world living below the extreme poverty line.

What do you think? Can you live on only $1.50 worth of food a day? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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