Burger King kicks off 2013 with menu overhaul including new chicken nuggets

CLEVELAND - Burger King is kicking off 2013 with new menu items, including chicken nuggets that will look and taste more like its main rival's.

Starting Monday, Jan. 7, Burger King will offer a new kind of nuggets that will be more similar to McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. The restaurant chain previously sold "BK Crown Tenders."

According to a press release from Burger King, the nuggets will be cooked in a tempura-like batter, resulting in a crispier texture. They will also be made with all-white meat. Customers will be able to purchase the new nuggets, which come in four, six, 10 and 20-piece servings starting at $1.

Other new menu items include a whopper with avocado and swiss cheese, and two molton fudge desserts.

The recent menu update is Burger King's third major revamp within the past six months. Last summer, the company underwent the biggest menu change in its history. In the fall, it announced a menu that consisted of new chicken items, including wraps and popcorn chicken.

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